Cryptocoin Guides

A History of Cryptography and the Rise of the CypherPunks

Cryptocurrency came into existence because of a very strange set of circumstances. The technology that gave rise to cryptocurrency; public-key cryptography, was created because two very different groups of people in separate eras of…
Cryptocoin Guides

What is Hodl & Other Common Cryptocurrency Terms: Guide for Beginners

Courtesy of the acute bull run the cryptocurrency space just experienced, there’s more new Bitcoiners and the like to welcome than ever before. That also means there’s a lot of new users who have a great deal of homework to do…
Cryptocoin Guides

What’s the difference between XBT and BTC?

Why does bitcoin have two abbreviations? When people in the currency circle see ETH, they all know it is ethereum, but the symbols of bitcoin are different on different platforms. Most platforms use BTC, while bitmex USES XBT, and COBE USES XBT for bitcoin futures. First of all, these two symbols represent bitcoin, there is no doubt about this, so you should not recognize XBT in the future…
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